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Our philosophy 

Sustainable. Handmade. High quality.

Drawing of a furniture

From the idea to the furniture

Designed by our managing director and founder Tobias Weber, planned by the whole team and implemented as craftsmanship. We are very close to the creation of our stiil living furniture - from the first idea to the finished piece of furniture.


With a lot of skill and know-how, our furniture brand is created in technically precise manual work. From chair to chest of drawers - the steel workers and carpenters create each piece of furniture individually. This is real craftsmanship, which you can also see in our furniture.

S&D craftsmanship
S&D craftsmanship

Designed unique pieces

Timeless, stylish and straightforward. These characteristics stand for stiil living. With attention to detail, our furniture is created as unique handcrafted pieces. Even if none of the furniture looks like the other, they have one thing in common: the high quality standards.


If you choose stiil living furniture, you will enjoy it for many years. Selected materials, a regional production and the timeless design make the stiil living collection to sustainable furniture.


About Us

In love with fire and design

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